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Morgan lends helping hand after windstorm


Thursday Paul Simmons, Lead lineman for Morgan City Power received a call from Kaysville Power Department asking for assistance. Morgan City Power Department responded immediately by sending Matt Stuart and Kent Kummer. Paul Simmons stayed to ensure Morgan residences were taken care of. After hours, Paul Simmons joined Matt and Kent in a joint effort to restore power to the devastated areas from the storm. The Morgan City crew worked Thursday until three am then returned all day Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday putting in approximately 50 hours each. Kaysville had a command center were the lineman would receive an area with no power. It was the responsibility of those linemen to repair poles, cut trees, replace lines etc. Paul Simmons stated that the Kaysville residents were so appreciative that they would give the men working, hot cocoa and snack knowing the lineman were working nonstop to assist them. Paul also stated that the devastation was unbelievable and commended all the efforts put forth to assist in this incredible storm.

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