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Teacher Feature ~ Aimee Perry


Morgan Elementary School seems to have its own fairy godmother granting it amazing new staff members. The new fifth grade teacher, Aimee Perry, seems to be a wish come true to her students and fellow staff members. The mutual love is easily seen between the students and their teacher. Having taught in Davis County, Aimee jumped at the chance to serve in her own community and teach fifth grade. The students’ ability to have discussions, understand what she teaches them, and appreciate her jokes makes her feel right at home. Aimee grew up in Grantsville and attended Grantsville High, home of the Cowboys. She graduated and went on to Dixie State to receive her associates and then attended Utah State and received her bachelor’s degree. She loves teaching, especially in Morgan. She loves the close knit feel, and how the community supports the schools in all their activities. Ms. Perry likes teaching many things to her students but by far her favorite is American History. The fact that she can explain where we’ve been and how it affects the world today intrigues her and she likes teaching her students that.

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