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MetLife of Morgan Offers Free Child Identification Stickers to Help Keep Children Safe


To help promote child safety, MetLife of Morgan, in partnership with MetLife Auto & Home¨ and the National Association of Insurance Women, International (NAIW), are offering parents a unique child seat safety sticker, called TIKE, or Toddler Information Kept for Emergencies. Our agency is pleased to be able to offer the TIKE stickers to the Morgan community, said Sue Wamsley of MetLife of Morgan. There are many instances where parents and guardians need to entrust the safety of their children to a relative or close friend. This sticker allows police and emergency personnel to avoid confusion that could result in wasted time during a life-threatening situation. Having the TIKE sticker `on board’ can provide parents with greater peace of mind. The bright red sticker is designed to assist emergency personnel in identifying a child, in the event that an automobile accident incapacitates the adults riding in the vehicle. By placing the TIKE sticker on the bottom or back of a child safety/booster seat, emergency personnel can secure emergency and medical contact information on the child at a glance, without having to waste precious moments. The TIKE sticker could prove invaluable in the event of a car accident, says Sue Wamsley of MetLife of Morgan. Hopefully you’ll never need to use it, but, like a fire extinguisher in your home, it’s an important resource to have, just in case. Copies of the TIKE sticker are available for free by visiting MetLife of Morgan at 4883 W. Old Highway Rd., Suite A, or simply calling 801-876-3571.

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