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UT crop progress, condition report


Agricultural Summary Producers in Utah have been concerned about the lack of snowfall during the month of December. It was one of the driest Decembers on record. Northern Utah producers were also faced with strong winds the first part of the month which caused damage to various buildings and property. Livestock Summary The lack of snowfall has been helpful to livestock producers thus far. Cattle across the state are in good condition. The dry weather has allowed producers in Box Elder County to keep livestock in pastures. Ranchers have not needed to feed as much hay this year because of the mild winter. Early calving cows and heifers are just beginning to calve. Hay supplies in Carbon County are adequate for now. Many cattle in Beaver County are still grazing meadows and alfalfa fields. Wayne County range and pasture conditions are excellent. Field Crops Summary Field work for 2011 has ended with the exception of a few fields of grain corn that were not harvested. Farmers in Morgan County were able to complete field work due to the lack of moisture. Growers are beginning to get concerned about the lack of moisture. There is also concern that winter wheat and barley may be harmed because of the lack of an insulated covering of snow. Dryland producers need moisture for grain crops. Soil moisture content across the state is low which could cause problems for crops.

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