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Community Spotlight – Mable Welsh


Mable Welsh was born on January 20, 1912 and will be turning 100 years old this year! She was born to Samuel and Oliva Horsefield. She had four sisters and four brothers. She is the sole survivor. She married Reed Welsh May 14, 1934. She has four daughters, eleven grand kids and twenty-one great grandchildren, and five great, great grandchildren. Mable started working when she was 16 years old. She worked at Stuart cafe’ for 32 years. She also worked at Weber College, Mckay Dee Hospital and Browning Arms. Reed and Mable managed Farmers Cafe’ for 3 years. Mable then worked at the Morgan High School where she loved to be around the kids. They kept her feeling young, as if she really needed help. She retired from the library at the age of 86. Mable’s motto is, Have I done any good in this world today? She loves to do things for others. If Mable hears of anyone having bad times, or good times they will most likely receive one or more of her famous pies. She still hasn’t lost her touch in pie making, as most recently she made 20 pies for the Senior Citizen Christmas Dinner. Her Hobbies include, traveling, cooking, crocheting blankets, shawls and very talented with writing poetry. Mable loves to be involved with what is going on in Morgan. She doesn’t have a problem voicing her opinion on things that need to be done. Mable loves to be on the go. If someone says let’s go, she says, how far? She also enjoys walking. When Trappers Loop opened, she was 72, and she was one of the people that walked six miles up it. When she worked at the high school she received a plaque and Jazz tickets for being an outstanding working senior citizen. Everyone always asks Mable how she stays so healthy and she will tell them it’s because she has worked hard all of her life and never let anything get her down.

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