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Today is the last day of early registration for RootsTech. The cost after today will change from $149 to $189. If you are interested in RootsTech, today is the day to act. RootsTech will likely be the largest genealogical conference in the United States this year. It is only the second year of the conference and it has become a don’t miss event in the genealogical community. There is no conference that I look forward to more than this one. The combination of great genealogical speakers, the ability to see what is up and coming in the genealogy technology space, and a fantastic vendor hall with all the new companies and software is very compelling to me. The Family History Library will be open late one night. Last year the Library was buzzing with activities. Who Do You Think You Are was shown, there were drawings for prizes and, as always, the best help to be found anywhere to find your ancestors. There were over 900 visitors to the Library on the day of RootsTech last year. It is a unique experience. One of the keynote addresses this year will be from Ancestry.com CEO Tim Sullivan. Ancestry has long been the leader in online indexed records for genealogical research as well as having a good tree system and tools to help with research, like their shaky leaf. Tim is always interesting and often insight can be gained into where Ancestry is going and what to expect in the coming year. There will also be the opportunity to hear from Jay Verkler, the former CEO of FamilySearch. Jay’s singular ability to see into the future and tell us what is coming in the next ten years makes his keynotes a must see part of the conference. There is also a wide variety of speakers on genealogical and technology topics. RootsTech brings the best and brightest of genealogical researchers to Salt Lake and allows those who are learning to sit at the feet of the masters and improve their skills. RootsTech is held at the Salt Palace February 2-4th. It is close enough to drive each day. This also makes RootsTech a great value since the speakers come to us rather than us needing to fly to them and incur the expense of airfare and hotel rooms. For Family History Consultants there will be a free workshop with Elder Paul E. Koelliker. Elder Koelliker is one of the Executive Directors of the Family History Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was previously the Executive Director and Managing Director of the Temple Department and recently returned from serving in the area presidency of the Africa Southeast area. Elder Koelliker brings a clear perspective on the connection between family history and temple work and is always an interesting speaker. I hope you have the opportunity to participate in RootsTech. Whether you attend for free the consultant workshop, the exhibit hall, and the Family History Library, or whether you register and take advantage of the fantastic speakers and classes you will walk away inspired, refreshed, educated, and motivated to try new things, test new methods, and use new technology to find more ancestors in less time with less resources.

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