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Internet caf̩ celebrates one year anniversary


This year has marked the one-year anniversary of several businesses on State Street, and LiquiFaction Internet CafÌ© is one of them. LiquiFaction first opened its doors on Aug. 29, 2011, but the grand opening was two days later. At that time, owner, Lee Kellogg, invited all city and county employees to come in and get a free drink for the day to give him some training time. The business was originally going to be named Liquid Satisfaction, but when Kellogg researched the name, it was already in use. He then changed it to LiquiFaction. Entering the building you are greeted by rich maroon painted walls, accented in browns and deep greens, with high rise tables, surrounded with computers along the walls for unlimited Internet use. They say the first year of owning a business is always the toughest, and the economic climate the last year certainly hasn’t made it any easier. But through it all Kellogg still supported nearly every high school sports team as well as local events like Relay for Life. In fact, there will be a discount offer for LiquiFaction on the new MHS football fundraiser cards. Kellogg’s passion for making good coffee shows in all his delicious creations. One of his favorite things about running the business is seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they try something new that they love. The Almond Joy latte is one of his favorite concoctions. He also loves talking to new people and getting to know all the great people here in Morgan. New parking lines were recently put down that make it easier to distinguish where the spots are located. It also helps define his convenient drive-up window. LiquiFaction now offers lunch specials along with the classics we have come to know and love. These classics include fresh fruit smoothies, fruit puree concentrate smoothies, frappes, lattes and soda/Red Bull frappes that have no coffee in them. They also serve deluxe hot chocolate made with whole milk and dark Ghirardelli chocolate topped off with whipping cream as well as several ice cream selections and banana splits. For breakfast they serve muffins, bagels and sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches an now have a new lunch menu. Check the LiquiFaction facebook page, www.facebook.com/LiquiFaction, for daily anniversary specials.

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