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A few years ago a new site emerged online with a large number of fully searchable newspapers. The site is GenealogyBank.com and it contains information on millions of American families from 1690 to the present from over 5,800 newspapers. There are more than twenty newspapers in Utah alone that are searchable on the site. All of the newspapers include obituaries, but many of them also include the full text of the newspaper. For the Deseret News in Utah the editions date back to 1851. It is likely that one of your ancestors will be mentioned in a newspaper article, or at least an obituary. Consider how many individuals you know that have been mentioned in articles in The Morgan County News. Community newspapers cover a large number of activities including community events, community service, and school events. The further back in time you are searching, the smaller the population, and the more likely it is that your ancestor will be mentioned. Newspapers are a great source to learn information about your ancestors that may not be known to you. The spotlights in newspapers as well as news coverage will likely include information that may not be found anywhere else. Newspapers may also give you a clue to find that elusive ancestor. A search across newspapers may turn up articles that will provide family information. Since the newspapers are full text searchable the ability to find mentions of an ancestor is substantially increased. Over the past year, The Morgan County News has featured more than 300 students, hundreds of athletes, the graduating class of the high school, and honor rolls. We have done spotlights on nearly one hundred county residents, and have included at least that many residents in other articles. It is likely that more than one third of the county is mentioned in the newspaper each year. This is a rich source of genealogical and historical information. Other newspapers have similar reach and coverage. Genealogy Bank also includes a historical book collection, historical documents and a copy of the Social Security death index. The cost is modest. A one year subscription is only $70.00 . The site offers a 30 day free trial period. If you have not searched in newspapers as a part of your genealogical research give Genealogy Bank a try. You may find new information about an ancestor, or find that piece of information that takes you further down your genealogical research path.

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