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Sundance Film Festival is underway


With just a short little drive in the car, you are to Utah’s Hollywood in Park City. The Sundance Film Festival is in full swing, and will end this Sunday Jan. 29. The hype of the festival extends all across the United States, and other parts of the world, as there were many out of state cars and people dotting the parking lots and streets. For those who have never been, The Sundance Film Festival hosts venues for independent movie makers, and producers to display their works to the public for rave and review. If the indie films do well in the Sundance Film Festival, and they score well from the audience and peer reviews, then films have a good possibility of being displayed in main stream theaters. If you want to hobnob with stars and see what’s new and innovative in short films, as well as full length movies, you’ll want to head up to Park City this weekend. As we were interviewing people on the sidewalks, all the way from Detroit, to New York, to Los Angeles California; the Morgan County News met up with a few of the movie magic stars, such as actress and stunt woman Tara Crespo, who was there for her performance in indie movie El Bandido, she also played in La Cucaracha. We met Denise Barrett, who is the manager and producer for Carlos Gallardo, who is currently working on an action film called Zombie Apocalypse in which Carlos is both Executive Producer and starring in it as well. The Sundance Film Festival is full of lights, and fun, diversity and creativity, from not only the independent movie industry, but the night life, ski resorts, restaurants and businesses that come to life during this festival time.

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