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Hinds changes ownership after 27 years


After 27 years of service as a gas station and a social hang out for locals, Hinds Quick stop has changed ownership. Hinds Quick stop has been going strong for 27 years and recently sold to the new owners Tony and Wendy Jarrett from Denver Colorado. This is a welcome change, Jarret said. The Jarret’s have relatives in Utah and wanted to come back to raise their 5 kids. Tony Jarret will keep the name of Hinds Quick stop, as he wants to stay as close to the original Hinds Quick stop traditions as possible. The garage bays and store will still be in existence and some of the Hinds will still work at the store. They will also try to keep the same days, with possible longer hours open. Many people came out to the store from all across the valley on Monday Jan. 30 in a farewell party to the Hinds family, and in a welcoming in of the new owners! Comments from friends were made such as, Hinds Quick stop has done some good stuff over the years! I lived on their hotdogs when I was building my house, said L. Thurgood. Hinds has been a place of tradition and socializing for such a long time, one couple Michael and Jody Hansen had actually had the start of their romance at Hinds Quick Stop, they now are married. Stacie House, who is Darrell and Sandra’s daughter commented about her memories, I’ve been here since I was 5 years old, and now I’m 32. It’s been such a big part of my life, it has meant everything to our family to have the community support! Hinds Quick stop is in good hands, with the new owners, and a welcome change for the Hinds who want to pursue other dreams. We welcome the Jarrett’s with their new endeavor of carrying on the strong traditions of Hinds Quick Stop!

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