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OnTimeBus Alert System goes live February 8


Winter has finally arrived to Morgan. With the cold weather kids don’t want to go out to the bus. As a parent you hate to have your child waiting in the cold longer than necessary. The solution to both is OnTimeBus. The long awaited OnTimeBus alert system for the Morgan School District will launch on February 8th. OnTimeBus uses GPS technology to precisely locate the position of the bus and accurately predict an arrival time. At the defined times, OnTimeBus sends an alert text message to registered users showing the number of minutes until the bus arrives. The text message alerts are available for regular student pick-up and drop-off times as well as special events. What does this all mean to you as a parent? ¢ You will know when the bus arrives: You might be thinking, I can just look out the window and see the bus in front of my house. For some this is true, but according to Jerry Pierce, a substitute bus driver for the district, this system It will also help to get your children to the bus stop early enough that it doesn’t set future pick up times behind waiting for children to run out to the stop. ¢ No waiting for the bus during bad weather: Allison Jenks knows its part of the deal of living out in the middle of the county to wait for the bus. When there are unforeseen problems and the bus is delayed, the system provides a heads up. ¢ You can use this system not only for the daily bus runs but also for sports and special events: You can have alerts sent to you notifying you when any bus arrives-including High school sports events. There are (past) experiences where this would have come in valuable and paid for itself, Superintendent Ken Adams said. Adams said he has spent $125 in one night using a cell phone to notify parents of transportation changes, such as a wrestling team stuck in a blizzard. ¢ Ease of Use: Anyone who can receive text messages can use this system. On February 8th you will register your phone, select your routes, and start receiving you alerts. It is that simple. ¢ Low Cost: There is only a $6 charge per month for unlimited alerts per user. OnTimeBus knows that everyone’s situation is different. This alert system allows you to customize when, how often, and how many alerts you receive each day. You can receive alerts for busses running to all four schools in the district or just one, you make the choice. The greatest benefit to parents is peace of mind. Knowing that parents and students are using this system assists drivers in making sure no one is unintentionally left behind; Jerry Pierce said. Having your student at the bus stop on time each morning, and knowing when they are coming home each day is more than peace of mind, it is security.

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