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Birthday – Leonard Rulon Pearce


Leonard Rulon Pearce celebrated his eightieth birthday on February the fifth. He was born and raised on the avenues in Salt Lake City, and is the oldest of five children born to Rulon C. and Grace Just Pearce. Leonard earned his Eagle Scout Award plus all the palms. He graduated from West High and spent two and a half years in Norway on an LDS mission. He learned the language so well with the help of a second grader in the home where he and his companion were staying that her parents often passed him off as their son, as he had the same accent. He received his draft notice while he was still in Norway. The military gave him six months after he got home to have a tumor removed from his shoulder before he had to report. Work was hard to find for a short-time, so his neighbor told him her sister in Moab needed some apartments built, this was during the uranium boom. There he met Louesa, and six months later they were married in the Salt Lake LDS temple and shortly thereafter he left for Ford Ord, California. Leonard and Louesa have been married for about fifty years. They are the proud parents of five children: Lenesa-(Rick), Leesa-(Bruce), Lynette-(Jan), Lynda-(A1len), and La Mar-(Loralie). They have eighteen grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. La Mar and three grandsons are Eagle Scouts and four grandsons and a granddaughter are serving, or have served, LDS Missions. He and Louesa spent five years working as service missionaries at Temple Square. Leonard is a High Priest, serving under three bishops as ward clerk, and spent many years in scouting. He went to Wood Badge where he was voted patrol leader and proudly wears his Wood Badge belt buckle he received on completion. When he was scout master he was always trying to outsmart the scouts so he and another scout leader came up with the idea of using a model rocket igniter and some cannon powder which they put in the center of the fire. The wires were buried in the sandy soil running to a car some distance away. The scouts danced around the fire doing the fire starter dance when the other leader touched the wires to the battery igniting the fire. The scouts never did find out how they started the fire. Leonard and his Dad went on many scout trips together. Leonard retired from Tooele Army Depot after thirty-three years, where he worked in the Nike Hercules Missile system and rebuilt small generators. He traveled in Europe, Asia and the US for six weeks to three months at a time installing and rebuilding the guidance systems. His knowledge of the Norwegian language really helped him communicate with the German People. After retiring, we decided to move to Morgan where he helped the contractor build our new home. He did all the electrical and tiling work. He enjoys working with his hands from building model airplanes to fixing cars. Several years ago he, his son and son-in-laws built a log cabin in the high La Sal Mountains where he developed a spring and put in his own water system. He built a beautiful eighteen foot strip canoe from 1×1/4 wood strips which had to have convex and concave edges routered on them so they could be glued together. It took a couple of years before he would ever put it in the water as he didn’t want to scratch it.

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