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Christine Tyrrell receives Teacher Feature Award


Each week for the past sixteen years, KSL Newsradio and Zions Bank have sponsored a program highlighting teachers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Each week hundreds of nominations are sent to KSL where a panel of judges from Zions Bank, the State Office of Education and KSL Newsradio help select the well-deserving teacher. This program, known as Teacher Feature, is announced each Tuesday morning as part of KSL Newsradio’s Grant and Amanda Show. This week Morgan was honored when Morgan Elementary school’s own first grade teacher Mrs. Christine Tyrrell was picked. Monday afternoon she was highlighted in an assembly to focus on what a wonderful influence she has been. Zions Bank representative, Dennis Porter, was very excited to be able to present this award as they grew up in Morgan together. Christine Tyrrell has been a beloved teacher since 1983 when she first began teaching at Morgan Elementary school. She has spent many of these past 29 years not only giving instruction to her students but also instilling within them self-confidence. She teaches them to foster their creativity and exercise their imagination. She doesn’t just teach, she inspires. Leslie Lubeck nominated Mrs. Tyrrell for this very reason. Mrs. Tyrrell has actually taught all the Lubeck children. However, she has been most influential on their oldest, Destry. Destry was a very smart child and her parents knew that. So when they went to Parent Teacher conference they were surprised with what Mrs. Tyrrell had to say. She said many times Destry would finish her papers ahead of the other kids, so she would enable Destry’s progression by allowing her to go ahead of the other kids in class. She was reading at such an advanced level, it was outpacing her comprehension. Mrs. Tyrrell then came up with an idea that would influence Destry throughout her life. She said that sometimes other schools send children like Destry to a reading program in the next grade level up. Mrs. Tyrrell didn’t feel that was right for Destry. Instead she opted for her to write stories. To learn all skills that cultivate creativity and imagination. There was one problem in getting Destry to do this, she didn’t want to. Trusting that this would help her, her consented. The next day Destry came home very grumpy but she did it. Each time Destry wrote a story, she got a little more interested in writing. Soon she started adding copyrights to her stories. After that she began adding her name as author. Next she started making book covers. Destry’s potential began to develop and expand. Through her awareness and ingenious ideas, Mrs. Tyrrell was able to help Destry blossom into a profoundly creative individual with a life-long love of writing. In fifth grade Destry wrote a story for a contest at the Morgan County library and won. In High school she took AP English, and as she went on to college she signed up for journalism classes. In the words of Leslie Lubeck, I know Destry is a better person because she has these skills. I know we are better parents because Mrs. Tyrrell taught us how to do this, and our kids are better people. For her inspiring service Mrs. Tyrrell was given an honorary plaque from Zions Bank, an overnight stay at Anniversary Inn, a gift certificate at the beautiful Roof Restaurant and a pair of season tickets to Hale Center Theater. To culminate this prestigious honor, she is also invited to attend a banquet at the end of the school year with all of the other winning teachers at the Roof Restaurant.

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