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One business in Morgan is unhappy


Visitors to Commerical Street over the past few weeks have noticed a sign in a business window that reads Morgan City unfair to business and residents… put in for business license 5 months waiting still nothing from city but they say ÷we want business’. Local resident Mike Ingle said he posted the signs to get the city’s attention. Ingle filed for two separate business licenses, but has never completed either application, said city officials. Ingle hopes to house two businesses in the same building. The two businesses and their incompatible nature has been the cause of the delay. One business, the Out Post,is a gun shop, Ingle established in Morgan in 1994. His gun shop was originally located at 133 Commerical Street. He later moved to his current location on Industrial Road, which he said he had no problem getting a business license. Ingle has had a business license since 2005 for this location. The new business, he would like to establish is a place for the youth…teenagers, Ingle said it would be similar to ÷The Basement’^ in Ogden. The Basement is a music venue for all ages, where local bands will go and perform, the audience pays a low cover charge. He said, Morgan needs a place for the youth, for them to play their music for their peers and to listen to local bands. He said the businesses would be separate, the gun shop in the back and the theater with a stage in the front of the business. He indicated that he plans to have separate entrances. It was also recommended by the building inspector, that each business needs to provide a rest room. Currently, only one exists in the building. These two businesses, in the same building are in direct conflict with safety concerns and code issues. We would be remiss if we let these (businesses) open without following codes. stated City Council member, Shelly Betz. The codes, Betz is referring to are both the Utah State Codes and the International Building Codes(I.B.C.) which are updated every year. The city has not yet received the plans from Ingle in writing. Every business owner is responsible to file for a business license, we should not have to seek them out. said City officials. Morgan City Mayor, Jim Egbert, said that when Ingle applied for the business license, his plans were not clear. Egbert said that Ingle needs, a site plan showing what goes where. The City Planning Commission commented that Ingle had submitted a partial site plan on only one of the businesses. Other businesses contacted in the community indicated that they did not have a problem obtaining a business license. Morgan City Codes can be found online,(morgancityut.com).

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