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Community Spotlight – Doyle & Betty Heiner


Posterity of over 120, Doyle and Betty Heiner have spent a lifetime together building a family and giving service. Together the Morgan couple raised eight children primarily in Morgan. Those five daughters and three sons have given them too many grandchildren and great-grandchildren for them to keep up with exact numbers. Doyle was born in 1925 in Stoddard to Roy and Weltha Heiner. Betty was born in 1928 in Clinton to Adrian and Naoma Taylor. The couple met at a missionary farewell for a friend they had in common. There was a dance held in Clinton celebrating the missionary. They had a lot of fun and Doyle offered to take her home after the event. Betty remembers Doyle being a good dancer. Doyle remembers being a bit disappointed she already had been offered a ride home. To his dismay she even had a list of several other boys who wanted to take her home. Eventually the two would start dating and were married June 3, 1948 in the Salt Lake Temple. They first lived in Clinton, and then built their home in Morgan. They first built the basement and lived there and then added on the upstairs. During these times they quickly added children, at one point they had five children five and under. They have enjoyed raising their children in Morgan. Betty finds that having good friends is very important and she has made lots of friends. Her husband chimed in, Good people who live here. They echo a feeling many residents have, We live here because we love the people they are all sweet and kind. Betty laughed when asked about her hobbies, Well, she giggled, raising kids. After her greatest lifelong interests, she also enjoyed handwork, knitting, and crocheting. Betty would get the whole family dressed in clothing she had sewn or made herself. According to her sister Frances, Betty also made the best rolls and bread. Doyle always enjoyed working in the shop. Doyle began working at the Heiner garage in Morgan when he was nineteen years old. Next he went to Utah general depot for another 10 years, and finally Hill Field for 22 years. Doyle worked for 10 years at Powder Mountain on the National Ski Patrol. Doyle always felt he was the best paid patrolman on the mountain. As a benefit, the patrolman’s whole family could ski and the Heiners had ten members up there winding and weaving down the hill. They would go skiing every Saturday. I loved it, Betty exclaimed. The couple’s youngest daughter was only four at the time and the ski lift came up to her head. That didn’t stop the toddler from taking her turn on the mountain. The lift workers would help her up into her chair each time around. Every once in a while Doyle would ski past the lifts and inquire about his youngest tot. He would be informed that she had been through several times. He always felt safe with everyone working there watching out for his kids. They have given a lifetime of service to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They served as missionaries in Pittsburg Pennsylvania. A major heart attack and surgery for Betty only paused their mission, but couldn’t stop them from their work. The couple was allowed to finish their mission. They also enjoyed working in the temple for four years. Immediately after that Doyle served for 4 _ years in the bishopric. Doyle then stated he got 6 months off for good behavior. Then they toiled another 6 years in family history. They also love scouting and what it offers. They have encouraged all of their family to be involved in scouting. Prominently displayed on their wall is a photograph of all of their thirteen grandsons. Not only are they all smiling handsome boys, but one of the things grandma and grandpa are most proud of is they each accomplished receiving their Eagle Scout. They also have a photograph full of the Silver Beavers of the family. Those who know Doyle know he always has a joke or saying for every occasion. Betty’s the best wife I’ve ever had. Betty rolls her eyes and laughingly reminds him she is the only wife he has ever had. She added, Its not hard to be the best when you are the only one. When Doyle became more serious he said he has loved everything about her for the sixty three years that they have been together. Betty loves Doyle and has found him to be very loving and kind. He has always been very compassionate, and loved her mother who was a widow before he met her. She has been very good to me my whole life. Doyle says of Betty She always gives me the last word in every conversation. ÷Yes dear.’

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