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Dew Tour Final Scores


The winter crowds poured into watch the Annual Dew Ski Tour competitions with competitors competing in SuperPipe, SlopeStyle, and Free Flow at Snowbasin Resort last weekend. Snow Basin was the welcoming host of top athletes from around the world for the winter sports competitions. Athletes come here to Winter Dew Tour to vie for the desired Winter Dew Cup and additional awards. Along with winter sports events, other lively festivities took place which included a concert by Mac Miller who appeared in Ogden and put on a spectacular show for the Winter Dew Tour crowd. A festival village was set up at the resort for athletes and fans to browse and shop and mingle! After four days of adrenalin rush, aero dynamic tricks and skills of the Dew Ski Tour athletes, Canada’s Kaya Turski took the Dew Cup Award, and a gold medal in the Women’s Freeski Slopestyle, and athlete of the year, shared with America’s Devin Logan. Turski has won every slopestyle event that she has been a part of. She came in at 93.75 Turski comes from Montreal Quebec. Coming in 2nd place was Anna Segal from Australia, with scores at 90.7 and Devin Logan took 3rd place in the Freeski Slopestyle event at 89.00. On the Men’s Freeski Slopestyle Nick Goepper of Lawrence Indiana came in first at 95.00 points, Tom Wallishch of Pittsburgh PA, came in 2nd place at 92.25, and Bobby Brown of Breckenridge of Colorado came in 3rd place at 91.00. Wallisch also was one of the first athlete to win the X games and Dew Tour Cup in the same year. Wallisch was also awarded Athlete of the year. In the Men’s snowboard superpipe finals Louie Vito scored the highest in the Winter Dew Tour history, reaching for the sky, he earned 98.00 points. It was his second year in a row to win. Louri Podladtchikov led Vito by two points but dropped back with only points difference to Vito’s win of the final cup. In the Woman’s snowboard superpipe finals Kelly Clark pulled off a win with 95.00 over Gretchen Bleiler who was holding the top spot at 94.25 to gain a victory over Bleiler for the win and the Dew Cup. In freeski finals at the record-setting pipe. David Wise gained the top of the night scores showing 94.50 that could not be topped by anyone through the remainder of the contest. For more information on the Dew Ski Tour go to allisports. Freeski Slopestyle Women: 1 Kaya Turski 93.75 2 Anna Segal 90.75 3 Devin Logan 89.00 4 Emilia Wint 82.00 5 Keri Herman 77.00 6 Ashley Battersby 71.75 Men: 1 Nick Goepper 95.00 2 Tom Wallisch 92.25 3 Bobby Brown 91.00 4 Chris Laker 90.25 5 Russ Henshaw 89.50 6 Alex Bellemare 88.00 7 James Woods 87.00 8 Joss Christensen 82.00 9 Andreas HÌ´tveit 76.00 10 Alex BeaulieuMarchand 70.00 11 Jamieson Irvine 69.00 MENS SNOWBOARD PIPE SNB SUPERPIPE MEN FINALS 1 Louie Vito 98.00 2 Iouri Podladtchikov 97.00 3 Spencer Shaw 90.00 4 Trevor Jacob 88.00 5 Zachary Black 86.00 6 Ben Ferguson 83.50 7 Jack Mitrani 81.50 8 Mason Aguirre 80.00 9 Kyle Mack 73.75 10 Paul Brichta 70.00 11 Ben Watts 67.00 12 Scotty Pike 63.00 Women’s Snowboard SuperPipe – SNB SUPERPIPE WOMEN FINALS 1 Kelly Clark 95.00 2 Gretchen Bleiler 94.25 3 Xuetong Cai 89.75 4 Sophie Rodriguez 77.00 5 Sarah Conrad 68.50

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