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2012 Sterling Scholars – Katherine Seely ~ Speech/Drama


This year the Speech/Drama Sterling Scholar representing Morgan High School is Katherine Seely, daughter of Jim and Ellie Seely! She has performed as the lead of a play three times, won first place at the state drama competition as a freshman, and is currently directing the special needs’ production Joy Story Four which will play on March 30th. At the high school Katie is an active participant of the Drama Club, French Club, Art Club, National Honor Society, Ovation! Choir, and Academic Decathlon. She serves as the Senior Representative for the Drama Club and also as a leader in her church youth group. Her favorite classes include English and Drama. Katie has had a fabulous time throughout her years at Morgan High, but remembers most the day she found out that she was cast as the lead of the school play, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. This was her first experience acting as the lead and she loved it, of course, since she enjoys being on stage. It’s no surprise that Katie enjoys acting and singing, but aside from these she also likes poetry, swimming, reading, writing, and giving service. Katie could never forget the experience she had of serving Thanksgiving dinner with her family at a retirement home. Most of the residents had no place to go for the holiday so her mother cooked a colossal dinner and Katie, along with her father and brothers, made treats. Her family enjoyed serving the feast. Katherine plans to attend Southern Utah University where she will continue her studies after high school.

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