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RootsTech has become the do not miss conference in the genealogical world. It brings together the best and brightest from the genealogical and the genealaogical technology worlds in one space. I have written a few articles about it over the past few months. One of the new standards RootsTech has set for genealogical conferences is the virtual nature of the conference. Several of the sessions were broadcast live during the conference. If you were not able to attend the conference or to view it live online, several of the most popular sessions are now available to watch on demand. The videos include Josh Taylor’s presentation Do I Trust the Cloud, Thomas MacEntee’s Twitter, It’s Not Just What I Had For Breakfast Anymore, Sandra Crowley’s Genealogists Go Mobile, and many others. The presentations have been broken up so that they can be watched individually. They can be paused and can be watched as many times as you desire. They are all found from links on the home page of RootsTech.org . While you are visiting the RootsTech site, I would also encourage you to have a look at the Developer Challenge winners. These are individuals from the genealogical community who wrote software and submitted their creations for review. The winners received a cash award. The software created was innovative and paints a clear picture of what can be done by community developers and the power of a development community for an industry. I love this trend of being able to watch (and re-watch) the presentations at conferences. I never have the time I would like to attend sessions and it allows me to be able to view them at my leisure and get the full benefit of the conference. I hope that this trend continues and expands to other conferences as well.

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