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Tim Wolff This year, students at Mountain Green and Morgan Elementary School have intensified their focus on personal expression and the writing process. It is my pleasure to feature an essay by fourth grade student, Kate Korth. Kate’s essay provides an exemplary example of what school, home, and student can accomplish when we work together! The Morgan Elementary Fourth Grade Field trip By: Kate Korth On February 15th, the Morgan Elementary Fourth graders got to go on a field trip. We went to the State Capitol Building and the Utah Museum of Natural History. Both of these places are in Salt Lake City, and we got to ride a bus to get there. First we went to the State Capitol Building. We met the First Lady of Utah. Her name is Jeanette Herbert and she is married to the Governor of Utah, Gary Herbert. She taught us about the Capitol Building and the Gold Room. The Gold Room is a very special room that is used for entertaining very important people that come to visit Utah. It is called the Gold Room because it is painted with paint that has little flakes of gold in it. Next we went to the Senate Gallery where they try to make bills into Laws. We got to watch them vote on a bill, and after the bill passed the Senate, we got to watch the House vote on it. I thought it was interesting to see how laws are made. My favorite thing about the State Capitol Building was sitting in the Gold Room and talking with the First Lady. She told us that most people don’t get to sit down in the Gold Room. We did get to sit down in it, and the First Lady told us that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I liked the Gold Room because everything in it was beautiful and shiny. It had lots of fancy furniture from different countries in it. There was a big table made out of extinct wood from Russia in the Gold Room. Sometimes the First Lady dines in the Gold Room. After lunch we took the bus to the Utah Museum of Natural History. The first things we saw were displays about many Indian tribes in Utah. We learned about the Shoshone, Goshute, Paiute, Ute, and Navajo tribes. Next we saw many insects in glass cases. All the insects we saw can be found in Utah. We also saw some monkey skulls and I thought that was pretty gross. We saw many different dinosaur fossils found in Utah and different animal displays. Some of my favorite things at the Utah Museum of Natural History were all of the crystals and gems in pretty colors. There were so many that I couldn’t decide which one was my favorite. I also liked learning about earthquakes. We did an experiment where we tried to build buildings that wouldn’t fall down during an earthquake. I had so much fun on this field trip. I am glad that they let us go and see some of these things in real life instead of just reading about them in books. I am sure I will remember lots of the things I saw for a long time. I am glad I live in Utah and love learning more about this state.

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