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Community Spotlight – April Matthews


This time of year April Matthews and her oldest daughters, Naomi and Kiley, become a little more visible as they ring the doorbell of hundreds of Morgan homes delivering the long standing tradition of Samoas and Thin Mints. In their tenth year of Girl Scouts, the threesome celebrated the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouts this week at the Utah State Capitol. April found her love of Girl Scouts when she joined the organization in the fourth grade and continued with it through high school. She then spent a year as an assistant leader and since that time she has been leading a troop of girls not just in cookie sales but on many adventures. Notorious for their high cookie sales, if you have bought a Girl Scout cookie in the last year there is a good chance it has been from one of these ambitious girls. This year they sold an amazing 1050 boxes each! That is an astounding 175 cases of the tasty treats they have to strategically place through their hallways to keep from melting on their heated floors! Through their hard work in cookie sales, as well as other scout activities, they have been able to accomplish big goals and experience some amazing things. Kiley took a trip to Costa Rica and Panama where she was able to experience life in an impoverished village where she had to walk a _ mile to use the rest room. A shower meant washing in rain water and a deluxe meal consisted of fish heads and roots. She graciously accepted all this experience had to offer as she could see those around her were willing to sacrifice for her. April said Kiley found they didn’t need all the stuff to be happy. They were able to take nothing and be content with it. Naomi took an amazing trip as well but one with quite a different environment. Her excursion took her to Michigan to take part in the Girl Scout version of The Amazing Race. One of the highlights of her trip was sand boarding; which just like it sounds is using a board on sand in a style similar to snowboarding. The two recently were awarded the Silver Award in Girl Scouting, which is the equivalent to the Eagle in Boy Scouts. This was the culmination of years of hard work. Naomi 15, and Kiley 14, also participate in Boys scouts in the Co-Ed venturing Crew that does more adventuring. They go camping, rock-climbing, caving, practice archery and other adventurous activities. They are always looking for more to join them. If interested in joining them contact April Matthews. Garrett, the younger brother isn’t left out of scouting; he just turned 12 and received his Star Scout. The latest award he is working on is his Snow Sports merit badge. The youngest siblings, Wyatt 7 and Tiffany 4, are looking forward to their own scouting experiences and are counting down their time until next year when they can join in the adventures. The Matthews family finds scouting a way to keep kids busy doing good things. April points out things like: keeping active, learning new things, growing, and helping others along the way. April and Brad were both born in Ogden. He was born in 1963 and she was born in 1974. Brads family moved to Morgan in 1975 and April grew up in West Haven. They were married in 1993 and then moved up here to raise their five children. Brad works on the Oil Rigs in North Dakota; a job he has worked on and off over the years. This job has the rigorous schedule of 4 weeks on and 2 weeks off. With travel time, it equates 28 days away and 12 days home. He worked as a Police Officer for four years in Morgan County, four years in Summit County, and he worked in Iraq training others in Police work in 2005-2006. April watches a few kids part time. She is happy to do this so she can stay home with her youngest daughter. She volunteers as a Cub Scout leader for Wolves and Bears in her area.

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