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Caucus attendance at record levels


Caucuses across the county last week reported record numbers of attendees. A combination of interesting races including a run against Senator Hatch, and strong encouragement from the LDS Church resulted in many first time attendees. This was also the first time for the new precincts and the Republican Party in particular struggled with the size of the new precincts. The Republican Party reported that attendance at caucus meetings was more than triple last year’s numbers in several precincts. The county changed precinct boundaries this year and the new boundaries brought the number of voters in several districts to more than 1,000. The Republican Party caucus attendance was: Precinct 1 – 165 Precinct 2 – 125 Precinct 3 – 80 Precinct 4 – 179 Precinct 5 – 117 Precinct 6 – 61 Precinct 7 = 18 For some locations there were delays as individuals registered for the Republican Party in order to participate. The selection of delegates was also challenging as there were many candidates and sometimes only a few minutes for them to speak in order for the process to complete in a timely fashion. Voters in precincts three and six reported good experiences as the groups were more manageable. Voters in some of the other precincts expressed frustration over delays and a limited ability to have good discussion on issues. The last few years has seen significant changes in the political landscape has definitely changed over the last several years. Caucus meetings that used to take place in living rooms and basements across the county had to be moved to the Mountain Green Elementary, Morgan High School, and the Holcim Cement Plant. Precincts that used to see a dozen or two attendees, swelled to well over 100 people. In total, more than 800 Morgan County residents attended caucuses this year. More than 745 attended the Republican meetings. The Republican party reported that Morgan elected 20 delegates that will represent their neighbors at the State Convention in Salt Lake City on April 21st, 2012 at the South Towne Expo Center. The Constitution Party will hold their County convention at the Morgan County Courthouse on Thursday, March 29. The Democratic State convention will be held at the Salt Palace in April 20 and 21, 2012.

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