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Russ and Natalie Tibitts met while they were both attending Ricks College. They went on a date set up through mutual friends and while Natalie had a mission planned when she met him, six months later they were married in the Salt Lake Temple in 1993. She graduated in Interior design and then was granted a scholarship to BYU. Russ worked on Generals at Ricks, his Bachelor at BYU graduating in Recreation Management and Youth Leadership, and then finished up at University of Utah for his Masters. In case you wonder, he cheers for the Cougars but doesn’t forget he also graduated from the U of U. Russ currently works as a seminary teacher for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and is serving as the Bishop of his ward. Natalie stays at home ÷to keep control over the chaos.’ There are six children in the Tibbits family. KT is 17 and is obsessed with cleats. He enjoys sports and particularly fascinated by the footwear of athletes. Anna 15, is a social butterfly and always has a story. After a few years of being instructed in piano by her mom, Anna began to further her musical studies on her own. She has taught herself to be a talented pianist. Jake 13, is super energetic. While he is the biggest tease he also has the biggest heart. He loves sports and is also taking an interest in cleats. Hyrum 11, is lovingly referred to as freak child in this humorous family that uses this term as a compliment. He is daring and has no fear. Hyrum also enjoys sports, particularly football. Emma 8, loves horses and all animals. When she grows up she wants to be a teacher or a vet. Abbie 6, is a firecracker. She loves horses. She is very excited for dance to begin. Her mom believes she has an inner dancer ready to come out. The Tibbits family finds joy in being ÷goofballs, silly and unrefined’. They love to spend time together playing with BB guns, hiking (especially to the M), playing King of the Mountain in one big Tibbits mashup, watching comedian Brian Regan and many other activities. It is evident in their actions they also find joy in service. They love Morgan and are very glad to be here. Russ competed in Church basketball with seven other men from the Morgan 9th ward. Church ball is notoriously intense and competitive and this year these Morgan players dribbled and shot their way through the competition. They ended up winning the Northern Regional Basketball Championship 2012 held in Sunset. Sixty four teams competed for the title and in the end one of our own Morgan teams came away with the designation. We are the proud champions of the world, Russ joked about the prestige of this coveted title. The family said it was fun to watch him play. This week Natalie began fulfilling dozens of little girls dreams as she started a ballet class for girls roughly age five through 10. The reason I’m doing it is because I want to do something fun with my little girls, Natalie says of her two youngest children. While planning this activity for her daughters she thought it would be fun to have a few more girls join them. She soon found an overwhelming response and decided to divide the class by age. Willing to give of her time and talents for little girls she is just meeting she adds, Dance should be available to everyone. I want to help others. She feels blessed to have had such good dance teachers. She was instructed by Joy Jarman Johnson, lead ballerina for Willam Farr Christensen, founder of Ballet West. She also has studied lyrical, jazz, tap and ballroom dance. The night before the first class she was so excited for class to begin she felt like jitterbugs. Dozens of ballerina hopefuls were feeling the same way for their own ballet class to start. She is teaching these classes for the purposes of spending quality time with her daughters and helping others enjoy dance. When many mothers offered to pay her she quickly declined stating, In my world money messes things up. The Tibbits are a great assert to the Morgan cxommunity.

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