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Community Spotlight – Earl & Carole McCain


Earl and Carole have lived in Mountain Green for 43 years. They moved here when Earl received a job offer from Weber State University and have been here ever since. Earl was born in SE Nebraska on a farm. Literally. They didn’t have a telephone, so his Dad had to hitch up a team of horses to make contact with anyone. Carole was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho, In a hospital, she said, laughing. She said their family moved a lot as her father was first in the military and then worked for Boise Cascade. Her father served in World War II but wasn’t drafted until 1944. He was sent overseas to Europe to clean up the concentration camps. He stayed in the military another year after he returned from Europe and the war. They moved to Idaho in 1947 so he could work for Boise Cascade, but he stayed in the reserves. Boise Cascade transferred them to Idaho Falls, Idaho; Nyessa, Oregon; Greely and Denver, Colorado. Earl lived 21 plus years in Nebraska. He played football and other sports in high school and football in college. He received his BA from a state college and then a history professor talked him into getting his masters degree at New Mexico Highlands University. He worked as a teaching assistant while going to school. He thought he would be drafted and didn’t want to go into the army, so he tried to enlist in the Navy. He found out he had a heart murmur and didn’t pass the physical which came as a surprise. Earl taught in New Mexico a couple of years at a small high school. He then taught in Greeley, Colorado. He coached football, basketball, and track. He said they had 6 men, 8 men and 11 men football teams. He taught English and Civics. His class of seniors had four young women in itÓand no boys. Next, he taught at the junior high school and had the best kids he ever had. The town was pro-education and was the home of Colorado State College which was one of the top teacher education institutions in the U.S. He was a junior high music teacher and a high school band teacher in the town where Earl taught. In fact, he was Carol’s junior high band teacher. Earl said that he loved teaching junior high in Greeley and laments that he gave up teaching in the public schools. Carol graduated from Greeley High School and went to Colorado State College (now University of Northern Colorado). She graduated with an elementary education degree. She met Earl when they were both in Greeley on a blind date. They will be married fifty years this coming June. Earl’s junior high students all came to their wedding. Later on, Earl took students on a cruise to San Diego, San Francisco, Honolulu and the Far East. One of his former students was on this tour with the sea scouts; they traveled on a navy transport. Earl said that at that point he realized he wouldn’t have liked the navy. Carol taught school a few years when they were first married. Two of their children, Matt and Amy were born in Greeley and the other two children, Andrew and John, were born after they moved to Mountain Green. Earl said he was wrangled into getting his PhD. He said while he was in Greeley, whenever a faculty member would be a supervisor for a student teacher, the local college would let them take up to 12 credit hours for free. So he took a whole bunch of classes at the college. He asked if he could get a specialist degree in Social Studies and Education, and they said no. But later the district had money from a grant and wanted him to get his PhD. After he committed, he was told they didn’t get the grant. So, he went back to school anyway and worked half time for the college and earned his PhD anyway. He served on the Morgan School Board for 8 years in the 1980’s. When I asked him how he ended up at Weber State, he said that a college instructor named Clifford Clark moved from Weber State to Greely to work at the college and said that WSU needed science and social studies instructors in the Education Department. Within a week, Earl had an interview with Weber State and one in Illinois. He was offered both jobs, but picked Utah over Illinois. They moved to Mountain Green in 1969. All of their four children attended Morgan Co. Schools from the time they were in kindergarten and graduated from Morgan High School. Matt lives in Albequerque, New Mexico but has spent most of his adult life working in Japan. He and his wife Karo have one son. He loves his job. He and his wife, Tammy, have two children: Cambria and Michael. Their daughter, Amy, is head of the resource department at Freemont High School and loves working with her students. Andrew works for Davis Co. as a Adult Probation officer and supervises a team of probation officer. He loves his job. He and his wife, Tammy, have two children: Cambria and Michael. Their youngest son, John, is married to the Sherry (Forsyth), and they have three children Their youngest son, John, is married to Sherry (Forsyth), and they have three children Carole worked for the Morgan School District as a media specialist in the elementary school for fifteen years, starting in 1990. Carole has been involved in the Storytelling Festival in Ogden for 17 years. She started doing this while she was the school representative for Morgan Elementary. She is currently serving as their recording secretary. She said when she retired, she didn’t want to give up the Storytelling Festival. She is involved with quilting and belongs to a quilting group. She chairs a book club for the upper Highlands, and she is involved with DUP. I have known Earl and Carole since I moved here in 1975 and have admired their community spirit and involvement in so many activities. Earl and Carole go out their way to be good friends and with and serve others in the community.

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