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Community Spotlight – Cheryl and Brian Prochnow


Cheryl grew up in Hunter, which is now West Valley City. After graduating from Cypress High School she attended two years at SUSC on music and academic scholarships. She then attended Utah State where she met Brian through a friend. Brian lived in Markesan, Wisconsin until he was ten and then moved to Preston ID. He graduated from CSI, College of Southern Idaho, and then joined the National Guard. They were married in 1990 and moved to Provo where Brian began working for UPS and has worked there full time, except when deployed. They made Morgan their home 21 years ago. Brian’s rank in the National Guard is SFC, Sergeant First Class. He has been deployed two times. Once for 12 months and once for 18 months, both deployments were in Iraq. His first tour was very dangerous, constantly dealing with mortar and raids. This was an intense time for the family, both because of the danger and because the kids were young. The second deployment the family knew more what to expect, however they didn’t know what Brian was doing. He was given top secret security clearance and has been unable to share what his duties were. Brian is part of the 148 Field Artillery. Skyler is currently serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Madagascar. The impoverished county off the tip of Africa and Skyler is happy to serve the people he has grown to love over the last 14 months. Prior to his mission, he followed in the footsteps of his father and joined the National Guard, and is part of the same regiment rank PFC. Randon returned last week from his training in the National Guard where he graduated as a PFC, Private First Class, which is a huge honor for someone coming out of basic training. He was an Honor Grad and first in physical fitness in his class. His dad was able to promote him. He is also part of the 148 Field Artillery Regiment. He will be leaving for to serve in the Toronto Canada Spanish speaking mission in two months. Both Skyler and Randon began wrestling, football, and baseball before they started school. They both excelled and have scholarships waiting for them when they return from their missions in academics and football. Cheridyn is a junior in high school and made the drill team the last three years, however this year it became clear a broken leg would keep her from dancing, so she ended up having to quit. She is part of the National Honors Society with a 4.0 GPA and has college offers from all over the country. Shelby has always had a love for dance and excelled so young they made her go Pro for competitions when she was in the fourth grade. She has a room full of trophies and tiaras she won from various competitions. She was designated a member of the America On Stage All American dance team for placing high in her solo competition. She is also an Honor student with a 4.0 gpa. Both Cheridyn and Shelby have taken dance since before their third birthday. They have tried a wide range of styles including clogging, ballet, and lyrical . They both made the cheerleading team for next year and are looking forward to cheering together. Cheryl enjoys gardening and her flowers, but her true passion is her kids and their friends. I love, love, love the kids. She feeds most of the football team before each game. We love having a house full of teenagers, most the kids here call Brian, Roger and me, momma – Cheryl. The couple love to have the kids at their house so they can keep an eye on things and be involved. Cheryl takes that same spirit of involvement in her church callings. The highlight of my past few summers has been helping with the Mountain Top Mission program in our stake. Cheryl loves to send packages to her missionary and soldiers but she doesn’t stop there. Each time someone in her family realizes there is a fellow missionary or soldier that isn’t receiving letters or packages they inform Cheryl. She adopts them and makes sure they receive something. In one of Brian’s tours she sent over 500 packages and spent in excess of $4,000 in shipping costs. She modestly states, It’s something I like to do. But the soldiers receiving the packages didn’t think it was a little thing and nominated her for a prestigious Molly Pitcher Award, which is given to those who have voluntarily contributed in a significant way to the improvement of the Air Defense Artillery Community. She was able to attend a ball and receive this award about five years ago. The Prochnow family loves to travel, and they have done quite extensive travel around our nation. Together they have traveled to all but five states. Brian only has Alaska left on his list. His favorite destinations are historical, especially war related. Cheridyn and Shelby’s favorite spots always include a beach. They also love to go four wheeling, camping, and fishing. They cheer on their favorite teams in the NFL, and love to go to the games, especially the Packers and Broncos. While the family loves to spend time together their dedication to serving God and country has kept them from being in the same place for a while. During Brian’s last tour Skyler left. Then Brian came home. Before Skyler returns Randon will leave. There will be about a four year period where the family will not all be together. All around the world people have benefited from the service of this motivated family.

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