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County Council Notes April 3, 2012


Attending: Chairman Tina Kelley, Members Howard Hansen, Ronda Kippen, Ned Mecham, Robert Kilmer, Lyle Nelson, Member Mathews attended electronically. Public Comment One of the youth in the county expressed the desire for a splash pad in the county. Council Business Tina Kelley Ò Morgan County was once again found to be the healthiest county in Utah. Member Nelson Ò Met with Morgan County Mobility. He is pursuing a study in order for the county to obtain grants. He is pursuing an intern to do the study. He is also pursuing options for a UTA van for the school district. Member Kippen Ò Kippen apologized publicly for a request to use impact fees for a purpose not allowed. She indicated she should have done more research before requesting that money be spent for a purpose that was not allowable. She withdrew her request based on the new knowledge. She also reported that the county has begun work to prepare the parks for the year. Member Mathews Ò Thanked the citizens of the county for donations to the food bank. In 2011 the county donated 10,930 pounds of food. In 2012, 11,193 pounds was contributed during the Scouting For Food Drive. He also reported that the airport will have their annual fly in and career day on Saturday June 2, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. Any county citizen can attend. There will be breakfast served. They are working to have planes from Hill Air Force Base to do fly overs. They will also be offering rides in airplanes. Member Mathews suggested that this might be a good scouting activity as well. Member Mecham Ò Reported that he had spoken with the planning commission. The planning commission has not acted on an item that had been sent to them for additional action on the private lane ordinance. He requested that the county rescind this action and bring the item back before the council. He also reported that an ordinance passed two or three years ago relating to building on a county road. The person who requests to build is required to bring the road up to appropriate width. The cost for one of the individuals who currently wants to build will be more than $100,000. Mecham asked whether it was appropriate to ask an individual to take this action in order to build a home. Staff was instructed to review this situation. Member Kippen Ò Reminded the council that the county will be testing the emergency siren on April 17th at 10:17 a.m. The council wanted to remind staff that there may be some phone calls as well as make citizens aware that the siren will be tested. It is in conjunction with the earthquake exercise planned by the state of Utah. Terry Turner – Budget Resolution for Swift Water Team See Swift Water Rescue Team to receive pay on page 5 Shelly Betz Ò Splash Pad See County contributes $50,000 to splash pad on page 1 Logan Wilde Ò Bag of Woad program The county has supported this program over the past several years. The program’s goal is the removal of Dyer’s Woad, which is a noxious weed that is present in the county. There were more than 100 youth who participated in the program last year and gathered the weed for disposal. The program is asking for $350 for the cost of the tipping fees for the dumpster to dispose of the collected weed. The program is paid for from the garbage fund. There is sufficient balance in this fund to pay for the expense. The council voted unanimously to provide the funding. Teresa Lake Ò Election programming contract Lake requested that the contract to build the database for elections this year be approved. Selection IQ was selected by the county to provide this service. The contract was approved unanimously. Teresa Lake Ò Collection on garbage accounts Lake has selected a company to provide collection services for the county for garbage accounts. The company that was awarded the contract is Express Recovery. The contract was approved unanimously. Blaine Gehring Ò Second amendment to Rollins Ranch development agreement Rollins Ranch was approved as a PRUD. There is a limitation that only 25 percent of each lot can be covered with a structure or other improvements, like a driveway. Given the smaller lots in Rollins Ranch 25% is not sufficient for the homeowners needs. The 25% was a limitation in the development agreement that would need to be changed. The county engineer requested additional information on run off from the higher coverage ratios on the lots. Because of this request the council wished to see the calculations before considering the request. The item was tabled until the calculations on runoff can be reviewed and approved by the county engineer. Ronda Kippen Ò Federal grant for TV tower The Federal Government has grant money available for conversion from analog to digital. The grant requires that the county purchase and install the equipment before the grant is approved. The county is looking to use a process that will provide temporary funding to purchase the equipment until the federal grant is approved. The federal program provides a little over $70,000 to the county to pay for this equipment. There is no match required from the county. The item was approved with all in favor except member Nelson.

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