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Swift Water Rescue team to receive pay


The county has been experiencing steady increases in incidents on the county waterways. County Emergency Management Director Terry Turner reported that on peak summer days there are five hundred individuals on county rivers. About three years ago the county invested in training and equipment to prepare for any incidents. The team, called the swift water rescue team is made up of two parts. The first is called the hasty team and is called out initially to assess the situation and to begin operations. The full team has a little less than twenty members who can be called on for larger operations. Because the team is made up of volunteers who have other jobs not all members are available for all calls. Last year the team was activated three or four times. There were two near drowning incidents in the county last year and the issues seem to be trending higher each year. Turner requested pay given to compensate individuals for the time they spend. Individuals who participate are required to complete extensive training on an annual basis on how to perform water rescues safely. The council approved $6,000 annually for pay to the swift water rescue team unanimously.

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