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City Council Notes – April 10, 2012


Community Covenants Team See City partners with military for better services for veterans and families on this page. Fourth of July Celebration Ò Connie Maughan Ò Christy Jacobson The committee has a goal to provide a free or inexpensive celebration for county residents. They are expecting higher numbers this year on top of the 25% growth experienced last year. They expect to use the whole park to provide more space for attendees this year. Last year they grew by 25%. The vendor fee will be $25.00 plus 10%. They are planning to add a bike race fundraiser for the cheerleaders. The Volleyball team will be holding the breakfast and contribute 10% of the proceeds towards the celebration. The evening entertainment will be Eric Dodge with Talia Wilson opening. More information can be found on the fourth of July website at morgan4th.com Ordinance 12-03 Ò Historic District Review Committee Meetings The council is changing the meeting schedule of the committee. The new schedule will be published by the open meetings act and meetings will be held as needed. It was approved unanimously. Ordinance 12-04 Ò Hotel Motel Land Use This modifies the city code to allow Hotel/Motel as a use in the central commercial district of the city. It was approved unanimously. Ordinance 12-05 Ò Replace the Board of Adjustments with a Land Use Appeal Authority This ordinance will replace the current Board of Adjustments with a land use appeal authority. This appeal authority can be either an individual or group of individuals. This authority would hear administrative appeals. The mayor will appoint an individual or individuals to serve as the appeal authority to hear these issues. The item was approved unanimously. Ordinance 12-06 Ò Expiration date on final plat approval This ordinance will provide an expiration date on final plat approval where there is no work being done on the subdivision for the period of one year. This will only apply to future subdivisions. This would only apply where there is no bonding in place and there has been no activity for the period of one year. Often the city has developed new standards after the approval of subdivisions. This change will allow the city to apply the new standards to subdivisions where no activity had taken place. The ordinance was approved unanimously. Agreement with WebQA for website services The city is contracting with a site to provide a business directory to the county. It would support county businesses. It is a three-year agreement with a $1,000 up front cost and $205 per month. The item was approved unanimously. Special Reports: Member Betz reported that the county council approved a contribution of $50,000 towards the splash pad. Morgan Moms also has a contribution can at 1st Bank to sponsor the Splash Pad. There is also a group of grandparents who are donating. She also reported that there are still features for the splash pad that do not yet have sponsorships. The list is available at the City office. The city is also looking for individuals willing to sponsor picnic tables and benches.

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