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Community Spotlight – Abplanalps


Franklin and Connie Abplanalp have been married for 50 years come April 20, 2012. They both grew up in the Vernal, Utah area and attended Uintah High School together, but they only knew each other because they were in the same graduating class. After High School they each went off to college, Frank to Weber State and Connie to Utah State. In the fall of 1961, they were reintroduced to each other by some mutual friends. It didn’t take long for them to know they had found the one they wanted to spend eternity with. On April 20, 1962 the were married for time and all eternity in the Logan, Utah Temple. They settled down in the Vernal area but not for long. Soon, they were on the move. In the next 11 years they moved 14 times. Frank was finishing up schooling and starting a career in the computer field, remember this was at the time you crawled inside a computer to fix it. As Franks career developed, so did their family. Connie stayed busy with each new arrival, by the time they were finished the Abplanalp family had 5 children, the oldest being 6 when the youngest was born. In 1973 the Abplanalp’s decided they wanted to leave N. California and move back to Utah. This is when Mtn. Green became home. Many years of schooling for their children, baking bread, little league football and baseball, baking chocolate-chip cookies, 4-H, baking pies, adding Randy Benally to the family, making dinner every night, Relief Society and other church service, high school athletics, band, and serving on community boards followed. Did we mention the dinners, bread, pies and cookies? Boy, did we have fun!! After getting their children raised the Abplanalps stayed busy sending off missionaries, 5 to be exact, marrying off children and welcoming grandchildren. The family grew until we had 37 people, then a small breather was taken as they got ready for Round 2. Soon marrying off Grandchildren, sending out missionaries and welcoming great grandchildren began. As of today they have 25 grandchildren, 1 and one on the way great grandsons. The Abplanalps did have to leave beautiful Mtn. Green for awhile, but after a few years in Vernal and serving a LDS Mission in the N. Sydney Australia Mission, they were able to move back home. Mtn. Green will always be home to them and their children. The Abplanalps continue to be busy following grandchildren’s activities and traveling. They love going on trips. Whether it be to Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, California or even to N. Carolina or N. Dakota to see family, they love to travel. Sometimes catching up to them can be a chore in its self. Dad and Mother we are so thankful for your devotion to each other and your family. All of the Abplanalp family are thankful to the wonderful people of the Morgan Valley. You have truly blessed our lives. In honor of this Golden Anniversary, the children of Frank and Connie invite you to celebrate this milestone with them on April 20th from 6-9 pm at the Old Mtn. Green Church house. If I were you I would find your poodle skirt, dust off the blue suede shoes and come join us for a night of music, visiting, and fun.

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