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School district dedicates new transportation facility


The dedication of a bus garage is not normally an occasion where there is great emotion expressed, but the dedication of the Morgan School District’s new transportation facility was certainly an exception. School Board member Neil Carrigan spoke of his experiences as a young man working with his father on the district’s busses. His eyes misted a few times as he reminisced about time spent with his father in the old transportation facility. It was a wooden building … in that building there was a rest room. It was a small rest room. It was so small it could only hold one roll of toilet paper, if you had two you were crowded. He related the early work by his father to acquire the tools necessary to maintain the busses. He continued, You could put three busses in the garage if you did it right. You could put one on the left hand side as far as you could get and then you took the other one and drove it up about three quarters of the way and then you could drive the third bus up behind the bus on the left… you had to do it just right or your couldn’t get them in. He spoke of his experience of measuring the gas remaining in the tank on the site. When I was a kid that was the funnest job I had. I used to go out and measure how much gas was in there. You drop a big thing down there and go tell dad that you had 500 or 100 gallons in there. He said, I think this is the board and the communities way to thank all of you who do the transportation. You bus drivers are amazing. I know, my dad drove for forty years. The facility has a new state of the art hoist to lift the busses to perform maintenance. Mike Shope, transportation supervisor said, This will enable us to do work that was taking us five to six hours on the floor, it’s going to cut that in half so in the long run it is going to save tax payers a lot of money. It is an impressive experience to watch the busses lifted completely in the air.

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