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Community Spotlight Elaine & Ted Largent


Elaine was working at American Optical in Salt Lake, and a friend told her she wanted Elaine to write to her cousin who was stationed in Korea. She started writing him and when he would come home from leave, they would date. He served a total of 3 years in the Marine Corp–13 months on the front lines in Korea. After his tour overseas, he was stationed in 29 Palms and in San Diego. He even participated in the Nuclear Bomb Tests in Nevada. He said that he saw and felt the atomic blast; the troops were half way out in the dessert when they were told that the wind had shifted and to turn back to the trenches. He said you could see the Joshua trees smoldering. Elaine and Ted married in 1954 after he got out of the service. They lived in South Jordan for 20 years and had a mink farm. Elaine said her father was into mink, and Ted and another son-in-law would help him. Instead of pay, Floyd, her Dad, would give the men a breeder female, and that’s how they got started in the mink business. They moved to Milton in 1978 because the climate is better for raising mink, Elaine said. They had a house and a mink farm on Stoddard Lane until 1993. They pelted out and sold their place and built their current house in Milton in 1994. He was in the mink business for 38 years. During all this time, Ted worked at Hill AFB, and he retired from that in 1989. They had five children: 2 boys and 3 girls. The two boys have passed away. Steven died in 2003 but his family lives _ mile from Ted and Elaine. His children are: Jennie who graduated with a degree in athletic training, McKenzie who is an elementary school teacher at T.O. Smith, Matt who is on a mission in Mozambique, and Garrett who is a senior at Morgan High School. Sheila lives in Morgan and has 4 children: T.J, 17; Parker, 14; Bailey, 12, and Lexie, 9. Cindy (Clark) and her husband live in Taylor and have 2 children: Austin, 14, and Madison 12. Trudy lives in Milton. Elaine and Ted’s grandchildren have attended and still attend Morgan schools, and as involved grandparents they go to their sports events. Elaine likes to sew, make dolls, knit, crochet and cross stitch. She has many talents. She is a wonderful cook. She has been involved with Creative Memories since 1990. She hosts a group of ladies to scrapbook in her home about once a month and has been doing this for about 20 yearsÓwith Creative Memories. Her grandchildren are always coming and going, and she feeds everyone! She and Ted are active in the ward in Milton and have had many callings. Elaine has been the chorister for about 15 years. Ted’s hobby has been doing gardening; they have a big vegetable garden, fruit trees, and a lovely yard. Elaine and Ted have loved working in the yard together. Elaine is the daughter of Floyd and Minola Sheppick, one of 4 girls born to them, and is originally from South Jordan. Her dad was a carpenter by trade. She graduated from Jordan High and says they were The Beetdiggers. Ted was born in Salt Lake City and raised in Delta. His parents were Emmer and Jennie Largent. He has one sister. Elaine and Ted will be married 57 years in November.

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