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U.S. Congress woman candidate Jacqueline Smith visits Morgan


Guests sat at the tables at Luis’s Restraunt across from Jacqueline Smith running for the U.S. Congress seat in Washington. Jacqueline Smith is running for U.S. Congress for Utah which is currently occupied by Rep. Ron Bishop. As her first year running, Jacqueline believes in helping to save our long living U.S. Constitution. She started out teaching classes on educating individuals about Constitutional principles and the Cycles of history at Monticello College. She is a Life-Long Republican and has a love for her country of the United States of America. Jacqueline has seen how the country has fallen down in principles and is having a difficult time getting back to what our founding fathers wanted it to be. Our rights are being taken away from left to right, we need to stop the slide toward socialism, shift the economy to bring back normality, and bring business back to America. Smith said. She did not want to sit around to watch our country she loves, dissolve in what makes this country great in the first place. She saw this election as a window of opportunity to take the passion she feels for America and the principles it stands for to make a difference at a much bigger level. You can read more on MrsSmithGoesToWashington.com

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