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Mathletes do well at competition


Morgan Middle School took ten 7th graders and eleven 8th graders to the state math competition last month and the results are back. All 21 students scored in the top 50%. Special congratulations are given to Sadie Carter, Logan Jones, Logan Cameron, Savana Carter, Jaiden Farr, and Tyler Payne for scoring in the top 25%, and to Carter Bailey, Ryan Milburn, Konnor Andrews, Weston Blocker, and Colin Smith for scoring in the top 10%. Our students did an outstanding job, considering we were competing against all schools this year, no matter their size. This would not be unlike all schools, from 1A through 5A, playing for the state championship in a given sport. There were 92 schools in the statewide competition. The contest was held at Utah State University with the top math students in each grade of each school competing in an amazingly difficult test. The test took the students between two to three hours to complete and included all higher level reasoning problems. This test is so difficult that it would challenge even the best engineers, scientists, and mathematicians in our county. Our Mathletes have truly amazing thinking skills to have done so well. Congratulations to our 21 students who represented our Middle School in an awesome performance. Congratulations go to the Morgan Middle School Mathletes! A special thanks goes to Mrs. Merrell who was the advisor to this group. Mrs. Merrell is the motivating force behind the success of our advanced math program at MMS and the successful performance by these Mathletes at State.

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