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Reading bug hits Morgan Elementary School


Six weeks ago any bugs spotted around Morgan Elementary would be squished, swatted or exterminated on the spot. Now there is a celebrated multi-legged creature crawling through the halls of the school. After the entire school finished up a major reading program, the students and teachers of the second grade were not ready to stop. Each student was encouraged to add to the caterpillar by earning a piece of his body by reading 150 minutes each week. Not only did the students read enough to earn a body segment each week, but many earned multiple segments each week! The second grade students read a total of 615,000 minutes which is equal to 10,500 hours! The 410 bug parts earned with these totals spanned the halls of the school from the second grade area all the way to Mr. Wolf’s office. The goal to reach the principal’s office was reached Wednesday April 18th. On Thursday, the kids were rewarded with an assembly hosted by Mr. Wolf. Armed with a handful of books recommended by Mrs. Carter, Mr. Wolf read to the children before they were able to go back to their classrooms and read for the rest of the afternoon. Mrs. Carter, Morgan Elementary Librarian, suggest these great books for second graders ¢ Tudley didn’t know by John Himmelman ¢ When Dinosaurs came with everything. By Elise Broach ¢ This is the Teacher by Rhonda Gowler Greene and Mike Lester ¢ Chester books by Melanie Watt

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