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Morgan gets White House visitors


On Tues. May 1, The Morgan Elementary School had visitors from The White House, even Senator Mike Lee and some of his office staff Larry Shepherd, and Boyd Matheson. They talked with Mr. Wolfe and presented him a gift for the school, of a flag that has flown over the United States Capitol on behalf of the students and faculty of the Morgan Schools. Senator Lee was kind enough to surprise us and present the school with the flag that was flown over the capital, said Mr. Wolfe. Senator Mike Lee also met with Mayor Egbert, along with council members Lyle Nelson, Tina Kelly, Shelly Betz and Ray Little in the earlier part of the day. Speaking highly of Mayor Egbert, Senator Lee mentioned, Morgan is a beautiful place, and you can just tell how much the mayor and local government care about Morgan and the direction it’s going. He also mentioned how impressed he was that the Mayor not only knew what was going on at a local government level, but was well versed at a national level. Mayor Egbert said that Senator Lee was very congenial and answered all their questions, and he thought it to be very nice that Senator Lee took the time to come to Morgan and to give a White House flag to Morgan Elementary School. Council Member Shelly Betz mentioned how surprised everyone on the council was when Senator Lee knew their names and their positions from the get go. It shows a personable side for Senator Lee to acknowledge each one in their office. Senator Lee talked to the city council about the national state of the economy if President Obama gets re-elected. He said by 2018 America would be in dire straits as the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is already over budget on our value as a nation by 104%. That is where we are rating. He commented on the interest alone we are paying out every year to other nations is over 2 billion dollars in interest. He spoke about HAFB and the downsizing, and also the star rating from a two star to a one star rating, and why it got that rating, because of failing on some of the processes, but that it’s safe and okay, and there are no worries with HAFB. When asked about the presidential election for 2012 Lee firmly believes that it is very realistic to expect Mitt Romney in the oval office. Attorney and Senator Mike Lee is known for his humor as well as his thorough knowledge of the U.S. Constitution. He uses the U.S. constitution to guide his day to day decisions in office and to call other leaders to accountability who are in office. Senator Lee grew up as the son of a former U.S. solicitor general. In high school he worked as a Senate page for Sen. Orrin Hatch- R-Utah. This was when he really got interested in politics, and had a goal that he would run for public office one day. Senator Mike Lee got his law degree from BYU, and then was the clerk for U.S. District Judge Dee Benson. He then left Utah in 1998 to be a clerk to a former assistant to his father in the solicitor general’s office, Samuel Alito, a federal appellate court judge. He then joined a private law firm in Washington D.C. He came back to Utah and became a federal prosecutor , and then joined with Huntsman in 2005 to work as general counsel. One year later Lee became a clerk again for Alito, at the U.S. Supreme Court. Since then, he’s been in private practice in Utah, and now serving as a Senator in the White House representing Utah.

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