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Martial Science helps build confidence


Sometimes parents discipline their children when they kick and punch each other, but some find that their children discover discipline through kicking and punching. Discipline, self-respect, coordination, confidence, integrity, determination, and attention are just a few of the attributes students can learn while developing their martial arts skills at Martial Science. Martial Science began instructing in February and has been a hit. Martial Science is located at 151 North State Street. Accessed through Flicks Family Films, a modest gym is set up for training. Squares marked on the ground designate where students are to train while gear is spread around the room to aid in their exercises. The Sensei of the arena is Jace Johanson who said he grew up watching a lot of Ninja Turtles and really like what they did. After that he wanted to learn different styles. He began his formal training in 2001 and received his black belt in 2003. While advancing his own skill he began teaching students in lower classifications. You don’t learn near as much until you explain it to someone else, Johanson explained of his early teaching opportunities. While taking a martial arts class at Utah State University he was invited to aid in instruction. Johanson has had two other professional teaching opportunities prior to this latest venture. He takes classes to keep up on his skills and to be able to provide his students with the best learning experience possible. He enjoys watching Youtube videos to reverse engineer their moves to figure out how to do them. He says he is able to do this more and more quickly. He also enjoys watching documentaries on fighting to learn new methods. Many people are familiar with karate and kung fu, but Martial Science teaches less recognized techniques such as Aikido, Taekwondo, Hapkido, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay-Thai, and Judo. They also add in Boxing to round out their different styles. Exploring both hard and soft styles of fighting techniques allows students to find their own style because each person is unique and will use the skills differently. Martial Science aids their students in finding their own style while exposing them to new techniques. Martial Science isn’t just about teaching a few moves. They aim to help grow their students in many ways. We are building decent adults out of children, Johanson said of his Gym. Martial Arts is good for mental health, physical health, states Johanson, It’s good for social health. Learning martial arts can help victims of bullying. It gives them an opportunity to learn how to stand up for themselves, build self-confidence, develop discipline, and gets them into good shape. Many children having trouble in other areas of life, whether at home or school, have found this pass time to be a good ÷out’. They learn self-direction so they don’t just panic but can deal with stress. Our core principle is in defense, Johanson gave their key mantra; I will kill only if I cannot merely mame. I will mame only if I cannot merely disarm. I will disarm only if I cannot merely persuade. I will persuade only if I cannot merely lead by example. The idea is to reduce violence to nothing. I want to build a culture where the whole community knows how to defend themselves,Johanson declares. He is planning classes to teach women simple self-defense methods. He is investigating different avenues to aid in teaching the citizens of Morgan County how to stay safe, in addition to learning a fun sport. Martial Science accepts students who are typically six years old or older. The age limit is flexible and is a guideline to measure a student’s attention span and coordination. If students are ready at a younger age, they can be accommodated. For more information or to sign up call 801-829-3661 or stop by the gym at 151 North State Street.

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