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Morgan County Library sponsors Family Fun Night


Family Fun Night at the library is the perfect evening to relax and spend time with your family while encouraging learning and thought. Monday, May 21 will be the second Family Fun Night and there are high hopes it will build on the success of the previous event. The last affair brought a crowd of over 80 participants and turned the library into a carnival. This coming Family Fun Night will transform the library into a dream emporium. The night won’t make you nod off because lots of fun activities have been planned to explore the things we wish and hope for. The idea was born from a patron interest survey that showed a need for family specific events. The staff created the idea for a quarterly Family Fun Night with guests from the community. Last month, as part of National Library Week, the library asked for writers of all ages to participate in writing a story that included the library somewhere in their work. They received a dozen stories with varying storylines. They are currently displayed on a bulletin board for all to read. We will also publish the stories in The Morgan County News. Creativity is not lacking in the youth of Morgan. As we encourage our children and teens to read, it brings ideas and storylines to mind that they can use as they express themselves in writing, Jana Peay said of the event. We would love to encourage all ages to write stories and express themselves. We have also been so impressed by the talent and creativity that we have in Morgan County. Signups for the summer reading program are coming up. Last year the program had 683 readers participate earning 2,594 prizes. The numbers have increased fairly significantly over the last few years as awareness and interest has increased. The program is open to all ages. Children too young to read earn prizes when they listen to others read them stories. Children on up through adults earn prizes based on different levels. The majority of the prizes come from the library budget; however there are several generous businesses that contribute each year. They even have citizens who bring prizes to donate. This is a wonderful program to keep kids motivated to read throughout the summer. A regular favorite of young library patrons is story hour. Every Wednesday & Thursday at 11 a.m. preschoolers listen to stories in the children’s section. On Thursday at 2:30 p.m. elementary age students get their turn. Each week they read a handful of books in a certain theme and then complete a craft reflecting that theme. Most recently they read stories about mothers and grandmothers and then colored and glued cards for the special matron in their life. The size of groups varies from a couple of children to over 40 patrons and their adults. During the summer, preschool and elementary children will all meet Wednesday at 11 a.m. We hope people will come and get something from the story hour experience, said the librarian.

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