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State parks OHV and boatinxg safety tips


Due to several recent fatal off-highway vehicle (OHV) accidents, Utah State Parks Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) managers stress the importance of safe and responsible riding this season. Riders should be properly trained and prepared, and ride in a responsible manner. Utah law requires youth age eight through 16 to attend and pass an OHV education training course. Drivers 16 years and older must have a valid driver’s license or OHV education certificate. Youth under age eight cannot operate an OHV on public land. In addition to preparation and training, Utah State Parks OHV Program Coordinator Chris Haller offers the following guidelines for safe OHV riding: – Wear your helmet. Always wear a safety-rated, properly fitted and fastened helmet. It’s the law for those under age 18, but recommended for everyone. – In addition to your helmet, wear goggles, clothing covering arms and legs, and over-the-ankle boots. – Check mechanical controls and safety devices before you ride to ensure proper operation. – Do not take alcohol or drugs along for the ride. – Ride your OHV only in areas designated for their use. The best way to protect your riding privilege is to stay on the trail. – Do not carry passengers on single-person machines. However, never ride alone and always let someone know your itinerary. – Carry tools and survival gear in the event of changing weather conditions and mechanical failure. – Respect closed areas and private property. Don’t cut switchbacks or take shortcuts. Remember, areas signed as wilderness are closed to all motorized vehicles. To take an online youth education course or for information on OHV laws and riding areas, visit stateparks.utah.gov/ohv or call 801-538-7433. RIDE ON! Memorial Day Weekend is the traditional kickoff of the boating season in Utah. Boating accidents and incidents can be prevented by knowing and following boating laws. Utah State Parks Boating Program Manager Dave Harris offers the following tips to reduce accidents and incidents this weekend on Utah’s waters: – Always wear a life jacket, Utah boaters…WEAR IT! – Take a safe boating course from Utah State Parks – Maintain a distance of 150 feet from other boats, anglers, swimmers and skiers – Maintain a proper lookout – Follow navigation rules – Carry all necessary safety equipment on board – Ensure your boat is in good working order; check spark plugs, battery, etc. – Play safe and play sober; do not boat under the influence of alcohol – Know and educate others about carbon monoxide poisoning – File a float plan For more information, including copies of laws and rules and a safety equipment checklist, please visit our website at stateparks.utah.gov or call 801-538-BOAT.

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