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Community Spotlight – Dale Winterton


Dale Winterton has been a staple in Morgan County for 25 years now. He moved from Uintah to Mountain Green with his wife, Linda, in 1987 five days after the birth of their youngest son. Winterton’s sons now range in age from 25 to 31 and they have four grandsons and one granddaughter. After working for a tow truck company in Ogden, Winterton decided that the best vehicle a dad with five sons could own, is a tow truck. From that idea, Winterton Automotive was born. In 1999, Winterton started his towing company and it has grown into what it is now. He can do any type of towing: auto accidents, break downs, goose neck and fifth wheel trailers, semi trucks and trailers, off-road recovery, they will even haul away your junk cars. They also serve the Morgan County Sheriff Department and the Utah Highway Patrol, assisting them with traffic violations and DUIs. All of the Winterton sons have taken part in the business at some point. Winterton and his boys still fix cars together and last year they found out how much fun it is to run into each other at demolition derbies. They specifically like to participate in the mini derby event since most of the cars they tow away are smaller cars. There are a lot of memorable things that happen while running a towing company, from the funny things that people do to their vehicles to the sad things that happen when death occurs from a tragic accident. Winterton said he really likes to help people in their time of need. Over the last 12 years, Winterton and his boys have repossessed about 12,000 cars for the local credit unions and he said, I hate to say it, but it is one of my greater passions. They have also donated about 30 cars to local fire departments. The fire departments use the vehicles to practice extracting victims out of wrecked and burning cars. Winterton said, It’s nice when a fireman tells me thank you because they had a car fire last night and burning my car taught them exactly what they needed to do. He asks anyone who has a car that they would like to donate to this cause, to please contact him. Winterton said that the best thing about doing business in Morgan County is being able to help the local community. Everyone knows everyone so if you take care of your neighbors, that’s the best form of advertising. I haven’t had any vandalism at my business, and everybody is always watching out for you.

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