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MGE students participate in ÷Great American’ program


The fifth grade students from Mountain Green Elementary School spent the year learning about United States history and government. As a culminating activity to demonstrate what they had learned, they put on a Great American program for their parents and the MGES studentbody. During the program, the fifth grade students sang Americana music specifically about what they had learned throughout the year. At the conclusion of the program, many of the students were recognized for their efforts of earning the Great American Award or the Grand American Award. In order to earn these awards during their fifth grade year, the students had to complete eight requirements that deaalt specifically with United States history and government. The requirements included the following; 1. Match the 50 states and capitals. 2. Identify the 50 states on a map. 3. Recite from memory the Gettysburg Address. 4. Recite from memory, in order, the presidents of the United States, first and last names. 5. Write the Pledge of Allegiance from memory using correct spelling, punctuation and cursive handwriting. 6. Sing or recite from memory the first verse of The Star Spangled Banner. 7. Recite from memory the Preamble of the United States Constitution. 8. Correctly answer all questions on the United States Citizenship Test. These are difficult requirements in which the students had to put forth a significant amount of effort to accomplish. Those students who completed all eight requirements earned the Great American Award. Those students who completed six to seven of the requirements earned the Grand American Award. The teachers were very impressed by the hard work and dedication that the students who earned these awards demonstrated. By participating in this optional activity, students were able to develop a greater awareness of their country and its history as well as feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment for completing this difficult task. We congratulate those students who achieved this award. Great American Award: Julia Caldwell, Tannah Carter, Carson Flitton, Talli Gardner, Bryson Gunn, Brooke Grow, Kade Hill, Emma Morgan, T.C. Nelson, Kamryn Parkinson, Stockton Poll, Ethan Sadler. Grand American Award: Emma Dredge, Briekelle Hunt, Taylor Polad, Brenon Sanders, Jacob Wilkinson.

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