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Changing lives, creating alternatives


Leon LaMadeleine is 70 years old. Forty years ago, he recalls the lower incidence of disease. Today, it seems, when he calls his relatives, something bad is happening. Someone has cancer, has had a heart attack, has pancreatitis or kidney problems, has a child with autism, or has lost a job. Teaming up with a 27-year-old billion dollar Idaho Company that specializes in helping folks reverse those trends, he is on a crusade to show people that they can significantly move toward greater wellness; financial security; debt reduction; and creating insulation from the destructive actions of our government and society, in general. Ask yourself these questions, 1) Over the last 30 years, how have society, politicians, and government agencies negatively impacted my life and decreased my range of choices to raise my family? 2) How many more people are on prescription drugs, some with horrible side effects? Then, ask yourself this question, What if I and my family could live longer, more vibrant lives buffered from recessions, taxes, toxic products and regulations? Call Leon for a list of dates and locations of his seminars. The seminar is free and lasts about two hours with a question and answer period. If you would like to have one in the comfort of your home, he can do that, also.

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