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Community Spotlight Randolph Peay


Randolph Peay of Porterville is budding as an up and coming artist on both a local and national level. In April he graduated from BYU Idaho receiving his BS in Fine Arts. Now he is receiving accolades for his growing portfolio. I’ve always enjoyed it; it’s awesome, Peay says of creating art. Picking up a paintbrush around the age of 15, he enjoyed just playing around with art. He took a class from his mother’s friend, and that experience began him on the path to professional painting. There are 101 things I like about it, Peay describes painting now, It is a new experience each time you’re painting. Peay was accepted into the Oil Painters of America, an organization dedicated to preserving and promoting traditionalü representational fine art. The accomplishment of being accepted into the organization is something Peay felt was easily attainable for him. The real accomplishment comes in his acceptance into one of their elite competitions. Thousands of artists apply to be accepted and only around 200 are given the opportunity to have their artwork showcased and judged. Peay entered a painting of a little boy playing with blocks, inspired by his teacher’s son. He submitted his entry in January and will soon find out his placing in the competition. On June 22 Peay plans to travel to Evergreen, Colorado, to attend the 21st Annual National Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils, where he will learn how well his painting was scored. There are also many opportunities to paint alongside other painters and learn from accomplished artists. Peay is featured in the local art gallery Rocky Mountain Fine Art. Amy Everhart, owner of Rocky Mountain Fine Art Gallery, gushed, As a gallery owner, it has been fun to watch Randy’s work grow. She found his abilities developed with each semester. Everhart discovered Peay as he was walking into the library carrying his easel. Of course she was intrigued by this young man carrying painting supplies and stopped to talk to him. After viewing his work she became impressed. She started working with him at the gallery. Peay plans to pursue art as a career with aspirations to get in a gallery. His passion for art is apparent in what he does and creates. His artist statement reveals his inner most feelings: One of the most beautiful parts of painting is how you can feel your way through the process and problems of creating; it is this interaction with the piece that allows raw materials to become a work of art. As you feel your way, your emotions, thoughts, and personality become a part of the marks you make, making a unique poetic statement. It quietly exposes who the artist really is.

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