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Dance Academy recognizes a year of success


The Morgan Academy of Dance and Tumbling presented their students from the three studios, in three shows, at one place: Morgan High School Auditorium. The three studios are located in Morgan, Mountain Green, and Coalville. Parents, family, friends and fellow performers gathered together to celebrate and witness a year’s accomplishments for the students that range from ages 3 to 18 years. Several forms of dance and tumbling were demonstrated that evening, including ballet, tap, clogging, acapella dance (making music by tapping it out with tap shoes), precision drill and line dancing, somersaults, cartwheels, round-offs as well as other tumbling moves. The costumes were bright, beautiful, modestly designed and yet simply charming. Most of the performers wore the same expression: a smile. These smiles communicated to the audience I’m glad to be here and I’m glad you are here, too. The music was clear and looked simple to follow, as each performer worked at keeping the beat to every movement they made. Each show was broken down into 19-22 performing groups. Some students participated in more than one group. The size of groups varied from three kids to 16 and there were solos and duets as well. It was obvious that the dancers had put their whole heart into their portion of the performances. Kalie Wessman, director of the Coalville studio, North Summit Extreme performed with some of the advance dance teams. The stage crew helped make the evening flow smoothly. They kept the performing groups going with very minimal delays, one act after another. Vicki Walker has worked with the academy for about 40 years and is assisted by Stephanie Stuart and Daryion Stuart. The lighting crew consists of Miranda Edwards, and Megan Hiltgen and the sound is provided by Interstate Mobile Music and Magic which is run by Jerry and Nancy Pierce who have worked with the Dance Academy for 10 years. Loyalty doesn’t just exist among the dancers and helpers. Many from the audience return each year to watch the performances, even though they do not have children or grandchildren performing. Helen Smedley is one of those loyal people, leaving that night with a grin and a hug for Yvonne Kennison, dance director, well done! The audience was delighted and wowed by the evening’s performances. The evening ended similar to an awards assembly or the last day of school. There were awards, recognition and fond farewells; with many pictures taken. There were hugs, tears, and applause shared. Gretchen Richards acknowledged the dedication of these dancers. One young woman endured great pains to perform and compete in the competitions before having a needed surgery. Yvonne Kennison, dance director, took some time before the commencement of the performances to make some announcements. Among the announcements, Kennison announced that the dance academy will be moving to a new location. The Dance Academy will now be located next to Riverside Park. The building formerly known as The Dance Shack will be remodeled and ready for the dance academy in the fall of this year. Other announcements included the dance academy would performing on June 5 at California Adventures in Disneyland. This is a trip that the dance academy takes every four years. June 12, starts summer dance camp at the studio. Beautiful gold and silver trophies were given to recognize dancers and tumblers who had been with the studio for 5, 10 and 15 years. Also recognized and congratulated for recent competition achievements were: All Star All Americans Aspen McArthur and Kori Sorenson for Power Tap, All Americans Kalie Wessman and Lindsey Richards. Lyrical Jazz All Americans: Cami Standing and Lindsey Richards. Junior All Americans Clogging: Misia Farnsworth, Aubrey Pentz, Aspen Cook, Isabel Cook, Rylee Pentz and Kirk Broadbent.

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