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Family Cinema Entertainment brings theater to Morgan County


Movies in the park are fast becoming a popular inexpensive date night, family night out and all around great fun for anyone who comes. The Orn family has been working to provide this opportunity to all the members of our community from Morgan to Mountain Green. The Orns started their business in 2006 with computers. As the business grew and moved they evolved into what it is today, Family Cinema Entertainment. Dave Orn is a gadget king and was always upgrading their home theater, especially once they had their oldest child and nights out became a little more infrequent. It didn’t take long for Dave to transform their living room into a full movie theater. Soon they had three more children and it became quite expensive to take their family of six out to the theater. In 2007, because of the family business and Dave’s technical background, they were able to help Brigham City Chamber of Commerce with their community movies in the Park. It was an enjoyable night out and affordable, since the movie was free to the public. When the family moved to Morgan County they really missed those family nights out. Instead the Orns played movies in their own back yard. Soon they started inviting neighbors and friends to join in the outdoor movies. Last year they were able to help Mountain Green with their 24th of July celebration by screening The Little Rascals at Kent Smith Park. They also did a John Wayne night showing, McLintock this past Friday. The Orn’s have loved having the opportunity to help the community bring back family activities. With everything being so expensive these days, the gas to drive down the canyon, the theater tickets, the concessions, etc., they wanted to provide those same activities here in our own community. It helps our community grow stronger the more we provide opportunities to come together get to know one another. Family Cinema Entertainment does everything from movies in the park, movies in your backyard, karaoke nights, dance off parties, and DJ’ing for all different events from birthdays parties, family reunions, neighborhood gatherings, weddings or summer parties. They strive to provide the best equipment for special occasions at a fraction of the cost. This year they will be helping Morgan City with their movies, but they would like to do them at Kent Smith Park in Mountain Green as well. This will provide a place for people at both ends of the county to come and enjoy a good fun night out on this soon-to-become family tradition, but that can’t do it without funding. They are looking for businesses, families or individuals to help sponsor the movies in the park in Mountain Green. If you would like to have an advertisement at the beginning and the end of the movie, or if you just want to help, please contact Kristi Orn at (801)-829-8660. They would like to screen Adventures of TIN TIN, Back to the Future, The Muppet Movie and Hunger Games if rental fees can be raised with local support.

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