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Morgan County Sheriff vehicles get makeover


The Morgan County Sheriff vehicles have a new look. You will soon see them around town, hopefully to the side of the road or in passing, and not behind you enforcing the ÷Click it or Ticket’ law which is currently in full force. The county has a set of guidelines that are set forth to provide a fiscally responsible vehicle replacement and depreciation policy. This criteria is set up because at some point, it is less expensive to pay for the lease on a newer vehicle than it is to maintain the older ones. Sheriff Blane Breshears assured there is a budget set for this, and new vehicles do not increase property taxes, as has been a concern for some. The criteria for the county for 4×4 vehicles is as follows; the vehicle must be over five years old or over 75,000 miles. The vehicles that were replaced this time around are 2007 vehicles with over 120,000 miles on each of them.

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