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County seeing uptick inbuilding permits The number of building permits is on the rise this year, said Morgan County Councilwoman Ronda Kippen. So far this year, 20 applicants have filed building permits. That is an increase compared to four at this time last year. County receives FEMA moneyfor flooding expenses Morgan County has received checks totaling $190,000 from FEMA to pay for flooding damages and repair, Emergency Manager Terry Turner told the Morgan County Council Tuesday. The money will help pay for repairs to the Peterson bridge, as well as protective measures including berms and sandbags used during flooding last spring. During efforts to control flooding, many volunteers helped out. County officials kept track of volunteer hours, which helped net $16,000 from FEMA. The $16,000 will go into the county flood account. That’s why we have volunteers sign in, Turner said. County officials didn’t expect the federal money until February of 2013. Resident blames council forspread of Dyer’s Woad A Morgan resident took the Morgan County Council to task regarding lack of leadership to control Dyer’s woad, a noxious weed. Because of the uncontrolled spread of Dyer’s Woad, range lands and the beauty of this valley will be lost, resident Brent Bohman said. He said state laws give the county authority to deal with weed control, including adding weeds to the list of noxious weeds to be controlled. Morgan County Councilmember Ned Mecham said he is familiar with the county weed board that meets twice each year. Like most things in the county, it is a volunteer thing, Mecham said about the board. Bohman said that until there is a consequence for landowners failing to control noxious weeds on their own property, the problem will continue. He said the weed board has the authority to send private land owners certified letters requesting weed control. In addition, any county efforts to control weeds on private property can be added to private property owners’ tax bills. The county has failed to lead it, Bohman said. With no consequence, there is no weed control. Are we going to watch it spread or do something about it?

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