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Morgan County road modifications approved


An open house was held on June 7 at the Morgan County Memorial Building to discuss modifications to several areas of county road. The two hour open house held in the county chambers was an open forum for residents to study the proposed plan and give input. Approximately 15 citizens came to voice their opinion. The outcome of the meeting was favorable and construction will begin this fall with the majority of the work being completed in spring and summer 2013. The primary purpose of the modifications is to rehabilitate the pavement in the areas involved. In order to receive federal funding the roadways needed to be modified to meet certain criteria. Morgan Valley Drive from the intersection of State Route 66 on the south end to the Young Street Intersection on the north end will receive the most attention. As part of the project, the roadway will be widened to provide a 26 foot wide paved surface with two foot wide gravel shoulders on either side of the paved surface. The roadway alignment and grade will be modified in a few locations to meet required design standards. Drainage improvements will also be made in certain locations. The few attendees that expressed concern were individual property owners who had apprehension of losing their land. In response to this the proposal is to complete the project in existing right of ways. During the construction motorists should be aware that they may encounter delays. The other area encompassed in this project is the intersection of Old Highway 30 and Cottonwood Road. The plans involve realigning Cottonwood Road to connect into Old Highway 30 at a right angle. The realignment of the roadway will allow motorists to negotiate the southern turns of the intersection. There were several comments that there wasn’t a need and it should be left alone; however it was decided to go ahead with this project as well.

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