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City promotes local businesses


Morgan city announced a new initiative called ShopsQA to promote local business to its citizens. The service provides all local businesses with a link on the city’s website that directs citizens to new web-pages designed and updated by each local business. By offering businesses the ability to display information such as new merchandise or services, current coupon offerings, available job openings and other topical news, the city can help make their business community more available and more vibrant. With ShopsQA, Citizens go to one central location on the city website to search for local businesses. Citizens have the ability to print out coupons, see menus, ask questions, determine store hours, join mailing lists and find the business location among a host of other capabilities. ShopsQA provides businesses with a website if they do not have one or it can link to any existing business website. It will give citizens a direct platform to communicate with businesses and provide the ability to expand and enhance functionality depending upon the future needs of the local businesses. ShopsQA is a service product from WebQA, the leader in citizen service systems. WebQA’s GovQA service products lead the country by servicing over 30 million citizens and 60 million people worldwide. Visit: www.morgancityut.com and click on the shop local icon to see what it’s all about.

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