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City receives award


Morgan City is the first recipient of a new award from the Utah National Guard. Colonel Brown told the city, I am so thankful to the city for what you have done in helping my family out with our utilities and just knowing that they were safe here in this small community. Brown continued, In recognition of your support to service members residing in your community, providing waived or reduced utility payments to families of deployed soldiers and airman demonstrates that your city goes far beyond mere expressions of goodwill. This is a tangible gesture that directly benefits military families during a time of significant sacrifice on behalf of our community, state, and nation. Signed Bruce D. Summers, Command Sergeant Major and Brian L Tarbet, Major General of the Adjutant General. Brown has lived in Morgan since 1995 and expressed gratitude to the citizens and the city. He was particularly grateful during the last year when he was deployed to Iraq for the care provided to his family. The city provides reduced utility costs for the families of deployed soldiers. The city is also planning to join a program to provide additional assistance to the families of veterans. The mayor will be participating in a ceremony at the beginning of the festivities on the 4th of July recognizing the city’s implementation of this new program.

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