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Balance Ò helping moms get what they want


Leon LaMadeleine has seen the challenges that women have in balancing their efforts to achieve family goals while also trying to meet their personal needs. Leon had three sisters. Two of them were stay-at-home moms. They loved being home with the children and being able to be there when they needed them, but they would have liked more opportunities for social interaction. They also would have liked to be able to contribute more to the family finances. His third sister worked outside the home for various companies. She enjoyed being with people and making more money, but always felt guilty about her time away from her family. In the corporate world, Leon has seen much of the same. He has seen hundreds of women who advanced their education, attained ÷good’ jobs, and were very successful clim bing the corporate ladder. Then, their first baby came along, and their six weeks of maternity leave was over. They were so torn. They loved their job but didn’t want to leave their baby in someone else’s hands. They wanted to raise their child and not spend so much money on day care. What should they do? Leon has partnered with a major company that allows women to balance their needs successfully. They decide what hours and times will work for them, and their company representatives work with them to meet both family and career goals. If you would like more information on how they could help you balance your work and dreams, contact Leon at (801)-829-8330. See Leon’s advertisement (About Total Wellness) for other ways his company helps people.

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