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Community Spotlight – Heiner Family Reunion


Martin and Adelgunda Dietzel Heiner were among the earliest pioneers to settle in Morgan. In 1845 they immigrated to America from Germany where they encountered and joined the Mormon Church in Pennsylvania. In 1859 they journeyed to Salt Lake City and moved to Morgan in November 1863. The Heiners settled in Mt. Joy, which was later named North Morgan. In 1865, Martin built the first rock house in Morgan County. It consisted of two rooms; a kitchen and living room, which would also serve as a bedroom. When he was ready to put the roof on, council came from President Brigham Young advising everyone to build two stories. So Martin added another level with two rooms. The house was torn down in 1971. The Heiners had 11 children, eight of whom lived to adulthood as follows: Their oldest child, Mary Christina, married Arza Hinckley, the great-uncle of LDS President Gordon B. Hinckley. They lived in Summit County and later helped settle Cove Fort raising eight children. Amelia Heiner married George Andrew Black who came from Germany and had changed his name from Johann Georg Schwartz. George built a white two-story house (which is still occupied) just up the street from Martin’s. Amelia and George had 11 children. Their oldest son, John Heiner, was sent in 1868 to colonize the Muddy Mission in Nevada, but on the way he died and was buried in St. George. One month later, his only daughter was born. His widow, Sarah Jane, returned to Morgan and later married her brother-in-law, Daniel Heiner. The next son, Anthony, married Lucinda Henderson and later her sister Sarah Elizabeth Henderson and fathered 15 children. Anthony was primarily a rancher with his brother, Daniel, and had a prosperous ranch up Echo Canyon. George Heiner married Mary Henderson, a sister of Anthony’s wives, and after she died, he married Sarah Jane Taggart from Round Valley. George built a two-story red brick home–which is still occupied–on the northwest side of Martin’s home. He served as the Morgan postmaster for several years and raised 13 children in all. Elizabeth Christina married Thomas Grover and they were called to the Muddy Mission with Elizabeth’s brother John. After they were released they moved to Nephi and later to Morgan. Elizabeth had a beautiful solo voice and loved to perform. They raised seven children five of whom lived to adulthood. Daniel Heiner married his brother, John’s widow and Martha Ann Stevens on the same day. They raised 20 children in all. Daniel became a prosperous businessman with several ventures and served as mayor of Morgan as well as state representative. His house was built next to Martin’s rock house and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Susannah Catherine married Joseph William Ovard and they raised three children in American Fork, Utah. A reunion will be held on Saturday, July 14, at the Morgan Stake Center. Descendants from all the children of Martin and Adelgunda Heiner family are expected to be there, as well as representatives of Martin’s nephew, Henry Dittmore. Information can be obtained on the website: www.MartinHeinerFamily.org.

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